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Our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists provide comprehensive care!

Get all your eyeglass repairs completed for one low price: $34.95/EACH PAIR

It’s simple, just download the order form and select up to 8 different types of repairs for only $34.95 EACH PAIR.  Mail the glasses, the form and enclose a check – we do the rest.  Let our professionals handle the repair and avoid buying a new pair of glasses!

Below are the common types of repairs we perform.  If you need something custom please call us to discuss

  1. Soldering of all metal frame parts- bridges, pad arms, hinges, eye pieces.
    Sorry we do no longer solder Titanium frames.
  2. Repair of hidden hinges in all plastic frames.
  3. Replacement of existing nose pads with strap bridge.
  4. Replacement temples.
  5. Convert metal skull temples to cable temples.
  6. Lengthen or shorten metal temples.
  7. Rimless monofilament replacements.
  8. Tap and drill repairs.
  9. Temple tips.
  1. Ultrasonic cleaning of frames
  2. All screws replaced
  3. Aligning and tightening all frame parts
  4. Replacement of nose pads
  5. Re-polishing of plastic or metal frames
  6. Return shipping charge
  7. Your glasses will be returned to you looking and feeling like a new pair of glasses.

Below is a diagram of the common parts to a set of eyeglasses.  You can use this as reference when completing the repair order form.


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