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Our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists provide comprehensive care!

We have over 20 designer name eyewear collections IN STOCK.  We offer many options for you to purchase the perfect pair of glasses.  From BUDGET to BRAND NAME we can fit your price and style..

  1. Free lifetime adjustment and lens cleaning
  2. Soldering/repairs in-house
  3. We carry name brand and budget eyewear
  4. We have eyewear for: Sun, sport, ski, diving, water sports, safety, shooting, swimming goggles and much more..
  5. In store lab for fast and accurate service
  6. We handle over 20 designer name eyewear collections
  7. IN STORE BRANDS: Elle, Harley Davidson, IZOD, Jessica Simpson, Joan Collins, Lilly Pulitzer, NIKE, Oakley, Randolph Engineering (Shooting Glasses), Ray-Ban, Timberland, TED Baker, Timex, Tura, Vera Bradley, Wiley-X.
  8. Fill your contact lens prescription online SHOP NOW>>

Stop in!

You can stop in to try-on eyeglasses from our large stock of frames to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Do you need Contact Lenses?

Precision Lens Grinding

Formica Opticals Prescription lens grinding system is capable of processing 100% digital lenses, this allows our patients to have lenses that provide a clearer and crisper visual experience.  After edging, every lens job is mounted into the chosen frame and, after optical and quality inspection, the glasses are complete.

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